Routine Exam is when a patient has no medical history or problem that would directly affect the vision system. Our comprehensive routine exam includes a 14-point total ocular health assessment, refraction, dilation, and prescription for glasses. Vision Plan insurance is used for well vision visits. 

Medical/Problem Focused Exam is when the doctor identifies the presence of a disease or if a patient is experiencing pain, ongoing headaches, dry eyes or other symptoms indicative of a medical issue. A medical exam is necessary for all glaucoma and diabetic patients as well as any patient with medical history that directly affects the vision system. Medical/Health Insurance plans are used for medical exams. If the doctor identifies the presence of a disease or you need a problem addressed during your well vision visit, your insurance may require that we reschedule the well vision exam for a different appointment time. 

A Well Vision Examination includes a complete ocular health assessmenta dilated fundus examination, and prescription for glasses, if needed. 

A Comprehensive Contact Lens Evaluation is performed on all patients that require a contact lens prescription. The evaluation is in addition to the Comprehensive Eye Examination to determine the long term vision and comfort of the lenses. Evaluations for contact lenses include a customized analysis of the lenses designed to fit the shape of your eyes, visual acuity, and multiple follow-ups as needed within 30 days to ensure the most accurate contact lens prescription, and includes free trial lenses to aid in finalizing the prescription. These fees are in addition to the comprehensive eye examination.




The following table describes our exam fee according to the descriptions outlined above. 

Medical Professional Examination Fees



Medical Visit Level 1

$ 40.00

$ 20.00

Medical Visit Level 2

$ 60.00

$ 35.00

Medical Visit Level 3

$ 75.00

$ 65.00

Medical Visit Level 4

$ 115.00

$ 85.00

Medical Visit Level 5

$ 175.00

$ 145.00

Foreign Body Removal Starting At

$ 120.00

Diagnostic Visual Field Analysis Starting At

$ 90.00

Routine Eye Examinations/Services (for glasses only)

(Ages 6+)

Well Vision Examination

$ 65.00

Contact Lens Services (Fees are in addition to the Routine Examination fees)

Insertion and Removal Training

$ 25.00

Established/Returning Patient (no changes)

$ 61.00

New Patient Spherical CL Evaluation

$ 60.00

New Patient Toric (Astigmatism)

$ 70.00

New Patient Monovision Spherical

$ 80.00

New Patient Monovision Toric

$ 90.00

Corneal Topography (mapping for complex patients)

$ 60.00

RGP Contact Lens Evaluation starting at

$ 90.00

Keratoconic Contact Lens Evaluation

$ 400.00

Pricing is subject to change. Other medical and vision services are available.

Contact Lens Pricing 
•  Soft contact lens prices are highly variable. Factors that influence the cost of the lenses include: spherical vs toric (astigmatism), single vision vs bifocal (presbyopia), daily wear vs extended wear (worn while sleeping), and brand of the lenses. Please ask about pricing if you know the parameters or brand of your lenses. 

•  Rigid Gas Permeable lenses (RGP's) are custom made lenses designed to fit your eyes specifically. Fees for these lenses start at $150.00 per pair for the majority of patients, up to $350 per pair for patients with severe astigmatism.